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"Dr. Layton’s treatment was a huge factor in prolonging my professional basketball career. The treatments brought constant relief to my worn down ankles, feet, back and knees. Dr. Layton is an incredible chiropractor. I praise him for his knowledge and his ability to perform muscle therapy. The muscle activation treatments allowed me to play longer at the highest level, kept me strong and injury free."

- Natalie Williams
"Dr. Layton not only made it possible for me to compete in the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Bobsled, but also helped me and my team bring home an Olympic bronze medal, the first in our sport for the United States in 46 years. Thank You Dr. Layton!"

- Mike Kohn, US Olympic Bobsledder

Elite Chiropractic and Performance Center

Salt Lake City Utah Chiropractors Dr. Monte Layton, Dr. Jeremy Wimmer and Dr. Chris Harbrecht, and Elite Chiropractic & Performance Center strive for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

Our office treats neck and back pain and spasms, sports injuries, disc disorders, sciatica, work and auto accident victims, and infants and children. We are so good at what we do that we are the primary chiropractors for Real Salt Lake, the PGA Tour, many Olympians, and have worked integrally with the Utah Jazz basketball team.

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We are dedicated to helping you heal from whatever injury or malady that is troubling you. From back pain to neck pain, headaches to body aches, our elite chiropractors have the education and experience to treat you effectively and affordably.

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Monte J. Layton, D.C.
Jeremy P. Wimmer, D.C.
Chris Harbrecht, D.C.

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